When I think of summer, I can’t help but think of the color yellow. It’s bright and cheery like the summer sun, and it’s so representative of the season. The same goes for denim (except for the bright and cheery part). It’s a classic summer fabric that you can wear with just about anything. So what better way to jump into summer than with the ultimate summer style combo- yellow and denim?

The contrast of vibrant yellow and the durable texture of denim are a killer team. Here are 8 ways to rock this duo in the summer.

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1. Vacation Style

If you’re planning any vacations this summer, this look is great for a getaway! A fun ruffled tank, a pair of fitted jeans and embellished sandals make a style statement you can totally show off while sightseeing. A fedora is a really fun accessory that adds even more chicness to this outfit.

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2. A Touch Of Corporate

If I had to choose one article of clothing that defines corporate style, it would be a blazer. You can wear it over anything to give your outfit a more professional look. For summer, a yellow blazer is sure to draw attention to your ensemble and brighten up your look. Wear a blazer over a denim dress and make casual Friday look way more fashionable.

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3. Classics With Details

You can’t go wrong with jeans and a tee. This outfit is taking that classic pairing up a notch with details like rolled up cuffs and ruffled sleeves. Basic summer sandals keep this casual look going, but you could definitely sport a pair of pumps to dress this outfit up. Add a few pieces of jewelry to easily go from day to night.

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4. Fun And Playful

One way to liven up your look and make it more fun is by adding additional colors with shoes or accessories. This outfit does that with pink heels and a multi-colored necklace. The tied knot at the waist adds even more fun and also keeps the look more balanced by creating a more proportionate top to bottom ratio.

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5. Back To Basics

“Less is more” is definitely the case here. The simplicity of the denim dress gives it character that is enhanced by the simple yellow platform heels. Jewelry and accessories would give this outfit more personality, but the two basic pieces work fine on their own too. You could wear this outfit to the office or to meet your lady friends for lunch.

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6. Comfy And Casual

Talk about the epitome of mom attire, am I right? This is what I look like most days- except my shoes aren’t even this nice! With a vibrant colored tee and minor details on the sandals, you’ll go from “hot mess mama” to “lukewarm, sort of a mess mama.” Hey, you can’t become a beauty queen overnight. But you can dress in a way that is comfortable and semi-fashionable.

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yellow & denimsource: Falling in Style

7. A Versatile Trio

Not only does this outfit combine the bold color of yellow with the texture of denim, it also mixes in a layer of lace. This trendy trio can be dressed up or dressed down with different shoe styles and accessories. For a more casual look, go with canvas sneakers. Add a fedora for a punch of fun, or rock a pair of gladiator sandals to give the outfit an edge.

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yellow & denimsource: Pearls & Twirls

8. Timeless With A Twist

Denim skirts and sandals will never go out of style. Sure, they might evolve into different designs that follow what’s trending, but they are two pieces that are timeless because they’ll always be around. One way to keep your timeless pieces in style is by wearing them with pieces that are only fashionable short-term. This outfit takes these two timeless wardrobe staples and incorporates a modern twist with an off the shoulder top. What a simple ensemble that is classy and just right for summer!

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