Many times this week it has come to my attention that dads don’t have the community we moms have found, whether it’s a local MOPS group or an online space. We enter, take down our hair with a sign of relief, and can be fully ourselves. We love the “me too” feeling certain mom blogs give us, and there are smaller social media groups where we can get our questions answered and experience a much-needed venting session every now and then.

But what about dads? I was blessed with a very involved and loving father and a rock-star husband! Are they perfect? No! But they both try really hard. I can only imagine how much better they would be if they had the same support that’s given to moms! So where are the dads hanging out online and where can they find the support they need?

dad blogs

Here are 7 Dad blogs you should encourage the men in your life to follow:

1. All Pro Dad

This blog is all about keeping the family first! NFL’s Tony Dungy keeps an online diary about his journey in fatherhood facing challenges, adversity, and balancing work and family life! Ultimately he encourages dads to keep their priorities God-honoring. This blog will help families love each other better and point them in the direction toward a positive future!

2.The Dad Network

This website holds all kinds of dad-friendly news and tips.ย Spearheaded by Al Ferguson, he writes a personal blog and also allows for other dads to join and offer their perspective to the community. If you’re looking for a certain “dad perspective,” you are likely to find it here among many contributors just looking for an outlet to talk about the dad life!

3. Loving on Purpose

This is personally one of my favorites on the list because I receive a lot of value as a mama too! Let’s face it, some relationships are broken and we don’t know how to bounce back or IF we can bounce back. Danny Silk created an online space that’s all about taking steps to healing both yourself, your children, and your family as a unit. There is hope to heal!

4. Dad or Alive

Is your hubby a stay-at-home dad? This is still a small but growing community for dads! Dad or Alive is a blog written by a stay-at-home dad full of hilarious recaps of his days, funny stories, recipes, and more! Basically, anything a dad needs who is at home with the kids will find value from this site!

5. Diary of the Dad

Some dads are really into heartwarming stories while others just want the run-down of a product review for this kids! Well, this blog offers BOTH! The Diary of the Dad is just what it sounds like…the musings and writings of the common dad!

6. The Good Men Project

Looking for articles on masculinity within fatherhood and smashing stereotypes? This is the blog for you! Connect deeper with your children and learn to have conversations that men in the 21st century would understand and enjoy!

7. A Day In The Life Dad

Some dads are into fashion, others love humor and some are just looking for advice! This blog is full of musings and book reviews all the dads will love!

Where do the men in your life turn to for “dad advice” online? Share with us in the comments!


dad blogs


Amanda Foust
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