You can decorate your front porch with spooky Halloween stuff. You can create an elaborate Halloween centerpiece for your dining room table. You can make delicious Halloween treats to bring to your child’s party at school. Or, you can make some Halloween garland to hang up and really give your home some character. Whether you hang it across your fireplace mantle, above your living room couch, or string it across the top of your kitchen cabinets, a DIY Halloween garland is a fun way to decorate in a less traditional way.

Garland is also a fabulous idea for party decor, so if you’re planning a Halloween celebration, these DIY garlands can help you make the party a little more fun!

source: Vicky Barone

1. Fabric Scrap Garland

Two of my favorite words when it comes to fabric DIY projects are “no sew.” And this project is sew easy! (Like how I did that?) If you have some scraps of fabric lying around that you aren’t sure what to do with, just get yourself a thin cord from your local craft store and tie the scraps onto it. That’s pretty much it!

If you want the full tutorial, head over to Vicky Barone, where you’ll find DIY garland ideas for other holidays too!

source: Honest to Nod

2. Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Got 5 minutes? Then you have time to make a yarn pumpkin garland. And, you only need a handful of supplies to do it! Just wrap the yarn around your fingers, wrap pipe cleaner around the yarn and then wrap the pumpkins around some twine. Your pumpkins might be a little “sloppy” looking, so this is not a good project for perfectionists. However, it’s a great one to do with your kids!

Learn how the idea for this garland came about over at Honest to Nod, where there are other craft projects, recipes and decorating ideas.

source: Eighteen25

3. Yarn Ghost Garland

You know what’s cuter than little yarn ghosts? Yarn ghosts with speech bubbles! I love the idea of using this garland to hang up in an office. If your company has a Halloween decorating contest, you should totally add this to your decor. You could also hang it in a home office.

You can find the printables for speech bubbles, as well as the full supply list and instructions for this project over at Eighteen25.

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