National pistachio day is February 26th and while that is a little while away, it’s never too early to talk about delicious desserts. Definitely not ones that are filled with and inspired by delicious little pistachios. Kind of a nut and kind of a seed, pistachios are shrouded in mystery, which makes them so much more amazing.  In addition to being extremely fun to eat, their gorgeous green color seems to inspire something in you that makes them hard to stop eating. In honor of pistachios, we have compiled a list of the best pistachio desserts out there. Fair warning, though, You’ll probably want to make all of them.


1. No Bake Pistachio Cream Pie

This dessert is completely no-bake and can be completed, start to finish, in about 15 minutes. A delicious graham cracker crust is filled with a layer of pistachio pudding followed by an amazing cream cheese mixture and topped with tons of whipped cream and pistachio shavings.

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2. Salted Pistachio Chocolate Bark

Like most chocolate bark, this recipe is extremely easy. But the added bonus of actually being pretty healthy makes it even better. Salted dark chocolate is combined with crushed pistachios in this easy, 3-ingredient recipe.

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3. Pistachio Cupcakes

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that cupcakes aren’t cool anymore! These sweet, moist cupcakes are filled with finely ground pistachios and topped with a homemade frosting that is just as addicting as it is delicious.

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Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith

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