It’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s easy to make. It turns out, Kool-Aid is also multi-functional! I have no idea how people discovered all the ways you can use Kool-Aid, but apparently, it’s more than just a drink to get your children hyped up on. Over at The Krazy Coupon Lady, I found a totally amazing list of different ways to use Kool-Aid, and they’re all beyond cool kool. I’ll definitely be trying some of these very soon!

All photos courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady.

1. Sanitize Your Dishwasher

It must have been someone with a background in science that tested this idea. Because who would think to themselves, “I wonder what would happen if I put Kool-Aid in my dishwasher detergent compartment..?” It’s not something that ever would have crossed my mind. Turns out, the citric acid in the Kool-Aid helps remove buildup. I bet your dishwasher smells mighty nice afterward too!

2. Make Scented Play Dough

I despise play dough. It’s one of the messiest things ever, and my children always try to eat it. But making your own at home is great because it’s like doing a science experiment. When learning is fun, kids are more engaged. I bet when learning is also colorful and smells good, it’s even better! With the variety of Kool-Aid flavors available, you could create a play dough rainbow with your kids.

3. Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Cleaning your toilet just got smellier- in a good way! If you pour a packet of lemon or orange Kool-Aid into your toilet bowl and scrub the stains with a toilet brush, the citric acid will break down the stains. Now how cool kool is that? What an easy way to make your bathroom smell fresh and fruity before guests come over!


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