Did you know that elephants are incredibly smart? They have the largest brain of any land animal and three times as many neurons as humans. (I have no idea what that even means, but maybe it’s because I’m not an elephant…).

Elephants are also really cute, at least to some people. I personally gravitate towards smaller animals I can cuddle with, but for many animal lovers, elephants are no less cuddle-worthy than a furry little kitten. In fact, some people like elephants so much, that a special day was created to show love to the big wrinkly creatures. September 22nd not only marks the first day of fall (yahoo!), but also National Elephant Appreciation Day. If you want to celebrate with your kids, here are a few fun ideas!

source: Our Daily Ideas

1. Create An Elephant Buttons Painting

Get crafty by making a cute elephant buttons painting with your little one. I love the idea of making this for a baby-to-be’s nursery, to get your child excited about having a younger sibling. Of course, this makes a fun project no matter what, and it’s a great way to celebrate elephants!

Check out Our Daily Ideas for the list of supplies you’ll need, as well as the instructions for putting this painting together.

source: Creative Ramblings

2. Make An Elephant Mask

If you really want to show your appreciation for elephants, why not dress like one? Kids love dressing up, and this is a fun way to encourage your kids to use their imaginations. Plus, they’ll probably want you to wear a mask too, and that will put a huge smile on their faces. Don’t you want to make your children smile??

Head over to Creative Ramblings, where you’ll find an elephant mask template, along with a full materials list and the full “how to” for this project.

source: Doing Splendid

3. Bake Elephant Bread

For mamas like me, who lack a strong baking gene, this is the perfect way to say you “baked” when you really just popped some canned biscuits into the oven. (I won’t tell if you don’t.) All you have to do is arrange the pieces to form an elephant face, and voila! You’ve got a delicious and cute afternoon snack.

Learn more about this simple snack by visiting Doing Splendid.

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