Slushies have been a favorite summer treat for decades. While they definitely wouldn’t be anything close to a “healthy” option, they are loads of fun. Slushies can be made using flavored syrups or created with pre-made lemonades and drinks. As long as you something sweet and plenty of ice, you can even create your own slushies at home. From tropical coconut to JELL-O there are tons of recipes out there that are great for the entire family. This list, though, is just for the adults. These certainly aren’t slushies that you would feed your kids, but they are great for sipping on when you need something sweet and boozy to enjoy on those long summer days.

Adult Slushies


1. Boozy Strawberry Watermelon Slushies

Finding fun, new ways to use summer fruits can be a challenge. But what better way than in a boozy little frozen number? Both fresh strawberries and watermelon are combined with Sparkling Ice and a few fun splashes of vodka in this summery slushie recipe.

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adult slushies


2. White Wine Banana Peach Slushies

I’m not sure about you, but bananas definitely aren’t the first ingredient that comes to mind when I’m craving a cocktail, or any drink aside from a smoothie, for that matter. But it totally works here! The delicate tastes of both the banana and peach work well with white wine to create these great slushies.

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adult slushies


3. Rosé Slushies

These Rosé slushies are perfect for both classy occasions and regular nights on the patio. The ingredients list is super simple, aside from the Rosé, all you need are some ice cubes, some rose lemonade and maybe a sprig or two of lavender to garnish with.

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