Women can all agree that the typical compliment they receive or WANT to receive has to do with their beauty. Probably because the world puts a lot of time and energy into appearances because that is what often gets noticed or the most praise. Our daughters, from a young age, catch onto this pattern. That is why girls as young as three and four years old seek praise for their beauty.

How can we break this pattern?

affirm your daughter

Here is a list of other ways to affirm your daughters beyond the go-to phrase of “You’re beautiful.”

1. You are brave.

Daughters don’t have to be fighters to be brave. Taking risks, stepping outside their comfort zones, and trying new things can make them brave as well! These things need to be acknowledged and supported each and every time to promote courage.


2. Your heart is beautiful.

From the beginning, I have told my daughter she is beautiful because of her heart. She has been asked numerous times if she knows how beautiful she is and I love her response: “Yes, I’m beautiful in my heart!” This truth is important, and I pray this belief sticks. Inner beauty is what lasts, so be sure to encourage this form of beauty over outward appearances.

3.  Nothing can stop you.

One night, I overheard my husband and daughter talking before bed. He was telling her that nothing could stop her. From that night on, she would say that phrase with confidence and pride. He gave her a gift that night of empowerment. Our fearful, cautious girl comes out of her shell around her daddy, and I’m certain it’s because it was he who reminded her that nothing can stop her!

4. You have power over your life.

So many times kids are made to feel like slaves to their circumstances or feelings. But it’s important to let them know that they have power over their life by choosing positive thoughts which impact their feelings about their circumstances — whatever they may be. Kids are often left feeling powerless, so it’s important to let them know they do have choices that impact their happiness and overall sense of self.

5. You are worthy.

Worth is a hard subject when you’re a kid. Are you worth your parent’s time? Are you worth your friend’s attention? These questions plague children. But to replace “You’re beautiful” with “You’re worthy” is another way to empower young children to believe in their inner value.

Tell us in the comments about your favorite ways to affirm your daughters outside of their beauty!

affirm your daughter


Amanda Foust
Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a stack of books packed and ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker and a light bringer. You can find more of her writing at Downs, Ups & Teacups and TheDailyPositive.com.