Have you even been wandering the body product aisle at your local health food store and found those huge bottles of soap with the teeny, tiny writing? Well then you’ve seen castile soap! While that particular brand is Dr. Bronner’s and is probably the most popular on the market today, there many others as well. Castile soap originated in Spain (Castile, to be specific) and was formulated using olive oil. You can still find olive oil-based castile soap, and versions made with other vegetable oils too. It’s known for it’s very concentrated, gentle and versatile nature and has tons of uses! Here are 7ย of them.


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1. Shampoo

Looking for a more natural shampoo? Then castile soap is the answer.ย You only need a few drops to get a good lather going, so your bottle will last forever! Many women say they don’t love using castile soap as a shampoo because it can leave their hair a little too oily (remember, castile soap is made up of oils!). However it would be a great soap for babies and young children, and they even have a baby/mild formula that’s just perfect.


2. Body Wash

One of the great things about castile soap is it lathers very well. Use just a few drops on a washcloth or shower poof to get tons o’ suds going and you’ll be squeaky clean in no time.

3. Face Wash

Since it’s made with oils, castile soap is also pretty great for a mild face wash. It’s gentle and also very moisturizing. You’ll also feel safe using it because it’s free from chemicals!

4. Shaving Cream

I seriously hate buying shaving cream, but also don’t like shaving my legs (and especially my underarms- hello razor burn!) without a good lather. Enter, castile soap! It’s perfect because you’re already putting it on to wash your body, just do a quick shave before washing it off. No need to buy another product when you have a great one already.

5. Foaming Hand Soap

Ok, I admit- I’m a sucker for the pretty and perfume-laced foaming hand soaps you see everywhere now. But the aren’t exactly cheap! I always thought foaming hand soap was specially made, but as it turns out, the dispenser is what makes the soap come out foamy! All you need to do is mix 1 part castile soap to 3 parts water and use a foaming hand soap dispenser and you have chemical and dye-free soap!

6. Fruit & Veggie Wash

Even if you buy all organic produce, it’s always wise to wash you fruit and veggies before consuming. If you don’t like spending $8 on a tiny bottle from the grocery store of “veggie wash” then make your own! Add a few drops of castile soup to a bowl of water with fruits and veggies and wash well. You can even let them sit in the bowl for a few minutes. Then wash well!

7. All- Purpose Cleaner

As a mom, I’m always interested in products that have multiple uses and that aren’t laced with tons of chemicals. You can make your own all-purpose cleaner that’s great for kitchens to bathrooms, by just using 1/4 cup of castile soap mixed with water and a spray bottle. For a more powerful cleaner, tryย this version here, that includes castile soap, water, baking soda and tea tree oil.


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