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Sensitive children get a bad rep. It’s so much easier to tell them to “suck-it-up” or “rub some dirt in it” when sometimes all they need is a kind word or compassionate hug.

Having a sensitive spirit offers empathy to the world, but sometimes children with big feelings can mismanage them and be difficult to handle. So if you’re parenting a sensitive child, we want to help you nurture that quality while also preventing you from getting caught up in the sea of emotions.

One of the most important things you can do from an early age is to start talking about feelings. Name the different emotions so that kids can feel comfortable sharing with you exactly how they feel! Without understanding the concept of emotions, sensitive children can easily release their feelings in unhealthy ways such as throwing a tantrum or putting themselves in isolation.

For Kids:

books for sensitive children

1.ย In My Heart: A Book Of Feelings

This book is one of our favorites! It takes children on a journey through their feelings. Sometimes we make the heart an organ that only harbors joy, but this book reminds us that it is capable of feeling lots of things — and each one is okay!

books for sensitive children

2. The Way I Feel

Sometimes emotions seem to just be words. But this book walks children through ways to make sense and connect with the words! This is specifically written using fun rhymes and eye-catching illustrations.

books for sensitive children

3. The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book Of Feelings

What kid doesn’t like a pop-up book? The author of this book saw that kids learn about numbers and letters but aren’t learning the things that matter — their feelings. It’s important for children to feel safe talking to adults about things like anger, sadness, fear and more! Navigating emotions is key to a successful and fulfilling life.

For Parents:

books for sensitive children

1. The Highly Sensitive Child

Yes, we can equip the sensitive child to express his/her feelings, but it’s pointless if we as parents aren’t responding in the right way. Understanding sensitivity is important to formulate the proper response. Empathizing is the next step. This book will walk you through the highly sensitive child’s needs so you can feel better equipped.


books for sensitive children

2. Helping Your Anxious Child

Sensitive children are prone to anxiety. Maybe you are already phasing this challenge. All parents want to take away the burden of anxiety, and though we cannot always fix the “problem,” we can formulate strategies and helpful ways for our children to cope. Helping Your Anxious Child is a step-by-step guide for parents.


books for sensitive children

3. The Child Whisperer

This book understands that children come in all different shapes and sizes. The key to raising happy, successful, and cooperative children is to KNOW your children. There is an entire chapter in this book that talks in detail about the sensitive child. I felt so much better after reading this book and have seen positive results from implementing Carol Tuttle’s advice!

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books for sensitive children



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