The 70s might be over, but that doesn’t mean your love for the decade has to be. In fact, what better way to teach your children about your own childhood than by taking them back there in the form of a retro project? I’m talking about tie dye. It’s come a long way since the days of disco music. While tie dye isn’t as prominent as other prints, it’s definitely one that kids enjoy creating with! Just take a look at these fun projects that are sure to take you back in time as your children learn to appreciate your “old people” ways.

source: Plain Vanilla Mom

1. Tie Dye Pillowcase

You probably don’t want tie dyed pillows in your bedroom, but for a teenager, they could be totally cool. If your teen wants to try tie dye, and wants to teach her friends about it too, what a fun project to do at a sleepover! And of course, tie dyed pillowcases would definitely add a pop of fun to your teen’s bedroom.

Check out the tutorial for this project over at Plain Vanilla Mom.

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2. Tie Dye Book Covers

I remember when I was in school, I loved wrapping my books in fun covers. Who wants to look at those ancient style books all day? Bo-ring. Your older kids will have lots of fun making tie dye book covers that all of their friends will ask about! You might even want to make some for yourself. Book club has never looked so stylish!

Head over to Michael’s for instructions on making these.

source: Pink And Green Mama

3. Tie Dye Seashells

Don’t just put those seashells from your summer vacay in a jar somewhere. Bring them to life with colorful tie dye! Even younger kids can do this project, as it can be done using just paints and an imagination. Once you’ve dyed your shells, check out 7 Creative Seashell Crafts to try with your kids!

For the tutorial on dyeing your seashells, visit Pink And Green Mama.

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