Moms are always looking for ways to keep their kids busy in the summer months. For kids, summer flies by, but for parents it can drag on and on! Well, we have a great idea for you to do something fun with your kiddos while also encouraging kindness in your communities.

Megan Murphy of Cape Cod began The Kindness Rocks Project. The purpose of this project is to leave inspiration through random rocks placed around the community for unexpecting recipients. Murphy said, “Now more than ever kindness can become a connecting force for good during uncertain times. Many people, including myself, are feeling a sense of overwhelm, unease and restlessness due to the current events taking place in our world today, and I believe that our united strength can be cultivated through simple random acts of kindness. Each of us can make a positive difference.ย Together we can make a positive IMPACT!”

When we heard about this movement, my kids and I were so excited to join through The Dwelling Place Art Studio. This week, they hosted a class for children in the community to come and paint kindness rocks together.

Although it was fun to get together in a large group, if you aren’t one who wants to host a full gathering of children, all you need to do this in your home is a few flat/smooth rocks,ย non-toxic acrylic paint or spray paint to prep the rocks for paint pens. Then a few paint pens or thin paint brushes to write the words of encouragement onto the rock.

kindness rocks kindness rocks kindness rocks kindness rocks kindness rocks

kindness rocks

On the way to the class, I asked my four and two-year-old what “kind words” they wanted to put on their rocks. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that they were old enough to understand, but my daughter said “Love” and my son said, “Share.” So that’s what we did!

kindness rocks

Now our goal is to figure out where we want to put our rocks to “share the love.” Both kids enjoyed this art project so much and want to do it again soon! We are trying to think of ways to help spread the word and add to the community of over 17,000+ people who have participated in the Kindness Rocks Project.

So, will you join us this summer?

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kindness rocks


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