Being a mom is the greatest honor and blessing of my life! But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Though there are days full of laughter and celebrating milestones, there are also days when being a mom just isn’t fun — moody kids, bad days, and one bad thing that happens after another.

But remember, you don’t have to let your kids set the tone for the day! You’re the parent, so take back control and try implementing a few of the tips below to overcome the days when being a mom isn’t fun.

being a mom isn't fun

Here are some ideas:

1. Let out frustration with a nerf or water gun war!

We all have built up frustration, but instead of letting it boil over, choose to release it in a healthy way! Grab a water gun on a summer day or a nerf gun on a rainy day and have an (all-in-good-fun) war! The energy released will feel good, and you’ll also have a lot of fun!

2. Start a tickle fight

A child’s laughter can bring light to any gloomy day! I love tickling my littles and provoking barrels of giggles. They are contagious!

3. Implement a family quiet time

On bad days, there are moments I yell TIMEOUT! This means that we all need to grab something that we can quietly enjoy, go to separate areas in the house and take a breather! No interacting with each other for a period until we can come back together with better attitudes.

4. Trade in busyness for quality time

Sometimes my kids are acting out because they just want my attention! I’m running around the house cleaning up messes and micromanaging everything when they just want some eye-contact and affection! On the harder days, I literally set my alarm on my phone to STOP and spend quality time with my kids. Busyness may “feel” productive, but it’s not bringing you closer to your kids or giving them what they need. Quality time makes us all a littler happier!

5. Be honest.

Kids just need honesty! They can pick up on the frustrated sighs and know that we are not our usual “fun” selves. Be honest and tell your kiddos how you feel! Scoop up your little onto your laugh and tell her how much you love her followed by:’Today’s just been a rough day for me. It has nothing to do with you! Sometimes moms have bad days too. How do you think I should find my joy again?”

Sometimes kids have really good ideas for how you should move forward! Don’t put the pressure on your kid by making her find your joy; simply include them in the process and work toward a better day through being honest with yourself and your children!

We all have hard days. Tell us in the comments how you make your bad days more fun!


being a mom isn't fun


Amanda Foust
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