Fidget spinners are all the craze among kids right now! Some schools and homes aren’t totally embracing the idea of these spinners as they could be considered “distracting” or “annoying.” But instead of banning them, what if I told you that there are ways to use fidget spinners as an educational tool? Whether it’s to get your kids to do their chores or to have fun doing their homework, you can use this fidget tool in YOUR favor!

Here are a few ideas:


1. Graphing shapes

Graphing is an educational tool that can be learned at an early age. Spin your fidget spinner and mark on a separate page what shape the spinner lands on each time. After recording the results, talk about which shape was landed on the most, the least, and which had the same amount?

2. Brushing teeth

It’s unlikely that kids brush their teeth for the correct amount of time. A fun way to have your kids get the right amount of brushing in, have your kids brush their teeth until the spinner stops spinning. Your kids will be RUNNING to the bathroom to brush their teeth next time! (We can only hope).


3. Doodling

Put your pen in the center of the fidget spinner and watch the colorful shapes you can doodle with each spin! This would be a fun way for art teachers to hop onto this trend or for parents to plan activities for their children during quiet time or when children need something to do with their spinners that will help keep them calm.

4.ย Reward system

Your children can be given the fidget spinners after they finish their chores or finish their homework. The fidget tools can be a great motivation tool!

Can you beat the spinner?

5. Math problems

Print off addition, subtraction, or multiplication worksheets and see how many problems your child can answer before the spinner stops! Make it a competition and have your child try to beat his/her best score!

6. Site Words

How many site words can your child recognize before the spinner stops? You can use spelling words or word lists that you have come up with around a specific theme. This will inspire your children to want to learn to read!

7. Matching

How many matches can your child find before the spinner stops? You can do this with letters (upper and lower case), numbers, sounds/instruments, and more! Be creative and come up with your own matching games based on your child’s’ interests!

Tell us in the comments how you use fidget spinners for educational purposes!ย 

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