There are tons of great things about the summer and one of my personal favorites are all the bright colors! Bright beach towels, bathing suits and cheery sun dresses to name a few. It also means you can whip out your vibrant and even neon-colored nail polished for a fresh manicure. This summer is bringing some new trends, and that includes the use of metallics and some muted colors as well. No matter your preference, you’re bound to find a summer manicure that you’ll love!

1. Summer Doticure

I’m so happy that doticures are still in style because they are adorable! And also because I’m not exactly great at free-hand designs and a dotting tool makes it super easy. Don’t you just love this caribbean-feeling peach color?

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2. Metallic Beauties

I pretty much love anything with gold and that’s why this manicure has made the list!

3. Wonderful Watermelon

Watermelon is practically synonymous with summer, right? This sweet design is actually much easier than it looks! Use the traditional red and green shades, paint your middle nail in shades of both, then do simple dots for the “seeds.” This would also be such a cute design for your young daughter!

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4. Fabulous Flamingo

Oh my, this manicure is a must have for your upcoming tropical vacation! It definitely requires some free-hand skills, but the result is so fabulous, it will make you want to head to the beach stat!

5. Life’s A Beach

This is probably one of the COOLEST manicures I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t it look exactly like the ocean? This design was made using a watermarbled technique and hairspray. Do a quick google search to see how it’s done, and then get this manicure for yourself!

6. Rainbow Mani

This is my kind of manicure- bright, cheery and a little messy looking. While I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure this is achieved by doing a white base coat, and the swiping on other bright colors to give this a “madras” feel. LOVE IT.

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7. Color-Blocked Cutie

This is such a fresh manicure that I want to give it a try myself. I love the clean lines, but the vibrant colors as well. This would actually be a great style year round- just switch up the colors so they match the seasons!

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