Last week I was the lovely recipient of a Kiwi Crate, and was asked to provide an honest review of my thoughts on this great service. A Kiwi Crate is an educational and entertaining box that is delivered to your home once a month. It is age specific and features different educational topics each month. I have an almost 2 year old, so elected to receive the Koala Crate. This box is actually for 3-4 year olds, but was the youngest option available.

The box arrived on my door and held all sorts of excitement:


Upon opening, we found it nicely organized with TONS of fun stuff:


I pulled out all the goodies and all were in great condition. Our paint box had a small crack, but that’s bound to happen anyways with a toddler.


Lucky for me, the creators thought ahead and provided an instruction book for parents! The best part is the “cheat sheet” on just how messy and involved the activities are!


Head on over to Page 2 to see what else was in the box!


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