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I think we can all agree that it’s hard to find the right gifts for the men in our lives. Plus, life gets busy, and though we want our men to feel appreciated, Father’s Day can be a difficult holiday to feel completely prepared. Maybe you’re a last-minute shopper. If that’s the case, Amazon is probably already on your radar for last minute purchases (Thank you Prime!) So we put together a list for last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas that you can find on Amazon and have shipped to your home within a couple of days!

1. The Handyman Dad: Compact Drill Kit and Portable Power Cleaner

My husband is a handyman and is always on the market for the latest tools! The dad in your life might already have a wishlist going on Amazon, so grab one or two of his listed tools and know without a doubt that he will be pleased on Father’s Day. Hopefully, you will too because I’m sure if you have a handy man for a husband or father, you probably have projects you need done as well! Win-win!

2. The Techie Dad: Fitbit Fitness Watch and Bluetooth Speaker

New and improved techie gadgets are always launching! You may not know a lot about the latest and greatest technology, but Amazon does! Trust them to lead the way for the techie dad!

3. The Classy Dad: BBQ Grill Tool Set and Tie Clips

You can never go wrong with a traditional Father’s Day gift of a tie clip or BBQ set! Men haven’t changed all that much throughout the years, and all could surely use one of these options! A man can be reminded of his loved ones when he gets ready for work in the morning and puts on his tie clip, or he can feel like an expert behind the grill with a nice BBQ grill tool set!

4. The Outdoorsy/Active Dad: The Workout Journal and Eno Hammock

Some dads love the outdoors or are always at the gym during their spare time. These gift options are great for the outdoorsy/active father! The workout journal will allow the man to record his progress and the hammock can be for relaxing in nature after miles of biking or a long run!


Source: Amazon.com

5. The Stylish Dad: Manmade-The Art Of Male Grooming and Chrome Plated Razor

Some dads love to be in style while others need all the help they can get. A source that guides a man through the art of grooming and the nice chrome-plated razor (my husband’s personal favorite) are sure to give the men in your life the confidence they desire!

6. The Sentimental Dad: Personalized Pocket Knife and Fill-In the Blank Book

These are the types of gifts that stick around the longest — both in possession and in memory! I was surprised to see the amount of personalized and sentimental options Amazon had for dads. If you have the sentimental dad or your kids are looking for the right gift to give their dad, consider the options above or let your kids fill out an adorable printable Father’s Day questionnaire to add to another gift of your choice!

7. The Practical Dad: Beard Bib Kit and YETI Tumbler

My husband is the king of practical. He loves gifts that make sense and don’t cause him to question their purpose. Think about something your dad or husband has been asking for or an item that would simply make his life easier and do a search on Amazon. You’ll be surprised what you can find!

Tell us in the comments what you plan to give to the men in YOUR life this Father’s Day!

Father's Day Gift Ideas


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