Teachers are amazing and deserve all the gratitude in the world, but sometimes special occasions or the end of the school year sneaks up on us, and we are empty handed. Well, here are 6 last minute teacher gift ideas to help you feel prepared!

last minute teacher gifts

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1. Homemade Cookies

You can never go wrong with sweets. Teachers deserve tasty treats after the long days leading up to the end of the school year! Print off this sign “Thanks For Making Me One Smart Cookie!” and add it to a batch of homemade cookies you can make with your children.


last minute teacher gifts

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2. “Super Teacher” DIY Gift

Artsy Momma has a great idea for an easy craft that’s not only encouraging but also contains a hidden candy bar that every “super teacher” deserves! Other than the candy bars, most of the necessary supplies should be around the house and can easily be put together last minute. Buy an extra candy bar for yourself to enjoy while you’re putting this DIY gift together the night before!

last minute teacher gifts

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3. Target Gift Card

Target stores are open late (praise, Jesus!) I am 99.9% sure every single teacher enjoys target! And if the male teacher’s don’t, they probably have wives who do! This is a gift that will for sure bring a smile to a teacher’s face! Print off the gift card holder Landeelu.com to make it extra special!

last minute teacher gifts

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4. Flowers/Succulents

I was in need of a last minute teacher gift this year, and my sister at The Jefferson House totally came through! I called ahead and picked them up the night before! These adorable gifts can be made on your own or by your local flower shop! I picked succulents as they are typically more likely to live longer, but your child can pick out a special flower for his/her teacher! The jars can then be reused to hold pens/pencils/scissors etc.

last minute teacher gifts

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5. Hand Sanitizer or Soap

You can find hand sanitizer just about anywhere, and I don’t know a single teacher who couldn’t use sanitizer in BULK! I love the idea of adding the hand print and the “hands down you’re the best teacher around” quote to personalize the gift a bit. So creative and a total keepsake!

Get the printable at eighteen25.com

last minute teacher gifts

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6. Lip Balm

There was a time last year when I had TEN gifts to purchase at the end of the school year between teachers, therapists, and bus drivers of my two kiddos. I didn’t have a ton of money for anything fancy, but I wanted each one to feel special. This “you’re the balm” gift is a great idea for someone who has a long list of recipients. You don’t have to purchase the Burts Bees brand. Any lip balm will do!

Tell us in the comments YOUR best last minute teacher gift ideas!

last minute teacher gifts


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