Now that I’m a mom, I find shopping for clothes to be a lot less enjoyable. When I was younger, unmarried and without kids, I would go shopping almost every weekend. I’d take my time, hit several stores and try on anything I found that I liked. But now, I’m either too exhausted or just don’t have the time to dedicate to shopping for clothes. I do some shopping online because it’s easier to do.

However, sometimes it’s nice to get out and do something on my own. It’s also helpful to actually try clothes on instead of risk having to send them back when I order them online. Since our time as mamas is valuable, and shopping for ourselves should be enjoyable, I’ve come up with a few shopping tips that will make your next trip a lot less painful. You’ll be able to shop quicker, better and find pieces that are worth spending money on. So grab that wallet, tell your hubby he’s on kid duty and head to your nearest department store!

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1. Love It Or Leave It

If you’re going to spend money on clothes, you want to spend it on pieces that you love- pieces that you’ll actually wear and that will make you feel good. If you try on something and it doesn’t “wow” you, or you don’t feel completely sold on it, don’t take it home. That sliver of doubt is telling you that lukewarm feelings are not ones that should guide your shopping experience. Only splurge on items that you can’t live without.



2. Hunt For Bargains

You don’t have to be a crazy coupon lady, but it never hurts to look for great deals when you shop. I always hit the clearance racks first. You can actually find decent pieces that are less expensive than new arrivals, and most people won’t know you scored them at such a bargain. You can get much more for your money when you shop sale items, and if you have coupons or rewards cards to use too, that’s even better!


3. Choose Practical Pieces

I find many pairs of pumps that I would love to try on. But realistically, I have nowhere to wear them. And while that makes me a bit depressed, you’ve got to be practical when shopping as a mom. Look for pieces that you can wear multiple times, multiple ways and for multiple occasions. Everyday basics like jeans, tees or cardigans are all pieces that you’ll wear again and again. But a pair of metallic stiletto heels? Save your money for a night out with your husband instead.

Winter Coats

4. Shop Out Of Season

You know why swimsuits are so cheap in the winter? Because nobody buys swimsuits in the winter! But that’s the best time to buy one. Just like summertime is when you should stock up on winter sweaters. You’ll find racks full of pieces that are out of season that stores are trying to get rid of and thus sell them at ridiculously low prices. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the items, it just means they can’t be worn again until next year. And when next year rolls around, you’ll be ahead of the game and have more money to spend on that beach vacation.


5. Buy Your Best Colors

Sometimes you’ll find pieces that come in more than one color an it can be tough to decide which color(s) to go with. An easy way to choose is to go with the color(s) that bring out your best you. Once you know which season you are, you’ll know which colors to look for and which ones to avoid. This is especially true for clothing like tops, sweaters or coats that are worn close to your face.

Stylish Woman

6. Stick To Figure Flattering Finds

I have a very straight, rectangular shaped body, so lots of tops make me look “boxy.” I have to shop for pieces that give me a more defined waistline and create the illusion of hips. Don’t buy clothes just because they’re cute. Buy pieces that flatter your figure. Determine your body shape and then you can easily look for items that accentuate your best physical features.


7. Consider The Rest Of Your Wardrobe

Oftentimes when I’m shopping for clothes, I find pieces that I love, but that don’t go with anything else I own. It’s pointless to buy a shirt if you have no bottoms to wear with it. Yes, you could buy something new to wear, or you could only shop for pieces that you can mix and match with what’s already in your closet. This goes for colors, styles, separates, shoes and outerwear. Instead of spending money on additional clothing just so you can wear one item you really like, go with more versatile options that will give you more bang for your buck.


Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar