Whether you’re out at a restaurant, spending time in a busy airport, or trying to get errands done on a long day, keeping your kids as quiet and as busy as possible is of the utmost importance. Sometimes, breaking out the old iPad is enough to keep the little ones contained. But if you’re not feeling all the extra screen time, portable activities are definitely the ways to go. From clever busy bags to crafty kits these portable activities will keep your kids entertained and your mind at peace.

Travel Kit

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1. Portable LEGO Kit

Let your kiddos enjoy their LEGOs anywhere you go with this super clever kit. Made using an old tin lunch box and LEGO building plate, this kit ensures that your kids can play to their hearts’ content without losing or spilling a ton of pieces everywhere.

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Coloring Kit

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2. DVD Case Coloring Kit

Coloring is classic busy activity. It allows the kids to get creative without needing tons of materials. This DIY coloring kit is held inside of an old DVD kit. Everything has its place and you can include as many coloring sheets and colored pencils and crayons as you want.

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Travel Kit

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3. Word Building Travel Kit

Portable activity and learning tool, this word building kit is doubly amazing. Putting the kit together is super simple: a tin lunch box, some magnetic letters, and popsicle sticks with magnetic tape, you can help your kids flex their brains and stay busy at the same time.

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Road Trip Ideas

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4. Road Trip Activity Bags

If you’re going on a particularly long trip, you’re definitely going to need more than one activity for your little one to get through. These DIY activity bags are the perfect answer to that. Bound together using binder rings, each bag contains a different activity. They can be educational, simply entertaining, or a combination of whatever you choose.

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Travel Activity

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5. Travel Busy Book

In addition to encouraging kids to stay busy by doing specific activities, this book also ensures that you won’t have lost coloring pencils all over the floor of your car or on the plane. The pencils are attached to the pad using a simple yarn and tape method that keeps things fun and secure.

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6. Dry Erase Car Bingo

This activity isn’t necessarily a quiet one and depending on the ages of your kids it might require a bit of your help as well. A simple laminated printable, a clipboard, and some dry erase markers are all you need to bring this fun road trip game to your little ones.

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Car Game

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7. Magnetic Patterns Book

Putting this magnetic patterns book together is a little time consuming but it is definitely worth it. Your little ones can use the included graphics to recreate the specific designs. Making this book super fun and a learning experience at the same time.

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