If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it’s that babies and kids need a lot of stuff. Like, a ridiculous amount. Since my daughter is now 3, the items required to take a trip away from home have been dramatically reduced. But we still can’t simply leave the house empty handed and thankfully my stroller does a good job of containing most of our junk. The only thing I can never manage to fit in the basket of our City Mini is my purse, or any shopping bags for that matter. It’s a pain to try squeeze it in and even more challenging to get out when I need my wallet or phone. The lovely people at Ethan & Emma have volunteered to solve my dilemma and have given me their own On The Go Stroller Hook to try! Here’s my honest review.

My first thought is that I’m so glad Ethan & Emma sells their stroller hooks in a two-pack. Most people have more than 1 stroller or maybe even just more than 1 bag they’d like to hook on to their stroller, so a double pack just makes sense. The hooks come on an attractive product card and they’ve even included a video link to properly demonstrate how to use your stroller hooks.




Installing the stroller hook seriously could not be any easier. Undo the velcro to release from the product card and you can tell how high-quality the velcro is because you have to really pull. That’s an A-plus in my book, because the last thing I want happening is my purse to fly off the stroller handle while I’m pushing the stroller! The Velcro is sewn on to the hook with some major thread and it’s very sturdy.


To install, you simply loop the velcro around your stroller handle bar, feed the end through the fastener, and then pull tight.


The velcro lays down flat and you aren’t left with a super long “tail” that sticks out or gets in the way.


I tried out my big ole’ purse, and this hook did a seriously good job of holding it up. My purse is not for the faint of heart, or arm- I pack a lot of good stuff in there. It’s heavy and is probably the reason I need to see the chiropractor so much.



The great thing is that I tried all of this without my daughter in the stroller and it still didn’t tip over! Being able to place the hook in the center of the handlebar, and not have it slip around due to the strong Velcro, makes all the difference in the world because it’s completely balanced.

Some other great items to note are the fact that the hook can swivel 360 degrees. That means you can position it however you want to accommodate your bags. The hook is also a great shape, in that it curves upward at a sharp angle so that your bags won’t slip off. The hook itself is made of an amazing metal that can withstand up to 100lbs! You won’t have to worry about putting something too heavy on, and you won’t have to make several trips to the car because you don’t have enough hands to carry all your bags.

This is a simple but necessary item that all moms need and that I personally can’t live without now! You can purchase your own Ethan & Emma Metal Stroller Hooks over on Amazon now!


Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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