When I found out I was pregnant, I started researching strollers. Good thing I started early because there are HUNDREDS of options, from the cheapest of cheap, to the most ridiculously expensive stroller that it’s laughable. While I’m pretty sure I got a lower, to mid-level priced stroller in the end, I was still shocked that I paid about $250 for a stroller that came with ZERO accessories. First, let me say that my City Mini stroller is amazing! Its lightweight, closes with one hand and is durable. I would buy it all over again if I needed to. But once I handed over the cash (since it was a little pricey for a baby shower gift!), I didn’t really want to buy more adaptors and holders and organizers. So I was more than thrilled when the creators of Ethan & Emma’s On The Go Stroller Organizer contacted me to do a review of their product! I received this product yesterday and my daughter and I immediately took it for a spin. Continue reading to see my take on this great organizer.


The universal stroller organizer arrived in my mail in an attractive box. It had a few photos that showed the features of the product and seemed pretty straight forward.




Having zero organized storage on my stroller currently, I was instantly wowed by the multiple drink pouches, the mesh pocket in the front for my phone (which holds an iPhone 6!) and the various other compartments. Everything is nicely padded and the material looks as if its easily cleaned and wiped down.  The front pouch actually zips off and I can see this being super helpful if you carry your ID and cash here. You can easily remove it and take it with you if you leave your stroller outside a restaurant or shop.The top has a magnetic closure that opens to a rectangular holder where I can see storing items that you want to keep concealed or extra cushioned.



Now it was time to strap this baby on my stroller! I’m always cautious of “universal fit” because I always seem to be the exception to the rule. The bag has two straps on each side and you just loop them around the widest part of your handle and velcro closed. When you purchase your organizer from Amazon, you will be emailed a handy booklet from the company that has photos of over 20 strollers using this bag. They show you not only how to hang the bag, but how you can hang it multiple ways (straight down, tilting forward, etc.) I tried hanging it myself and then referred to the booklet and was very “wowed” by the many options and versatility of this stroller organizer.


It definitely fit! The City Mini’s has a sloped handle, so the initial way I hung the organizer meant it was not exactly level with the handle. It leans forward a little, but because the pouches are so deep, there is no risk of anything falling out. However, with the help of the manual I know I can hang this multiple ways to my liking.


Another awesome feature is there is an additional mesh pouch that unrolls from underneath to provide more storage! Its pretty slim so it can’t hold anything too bulky, but I personally always like the option of more storage.


It has two hanging straps that you can velcro around the legs of your stroller so it doesn’t flap in the wind. It has a velcro strip that also makes it easily rolled back up and out of the way.


I even laid the stroller down all the way to see if it got in the way should my daughter decide to nap and it didn’t hinder this stroller doing so at all.


I’m excited to continue to use this organizer and especially for day trips like going to Disneyland.  It will be great for us to have everything within arms reach, instead of tossing everything in a heap in the bottom basket.

If you have to have one of these for yourself, then you can buy your own Ethan & Emma On The Go Stroller Organizer right here! A special thanks to Ethan & Emma for providing me the organizer for this review!


Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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