Toddlers, we moms know how they are. And if there’s anything that we know about a toddler, it’s that when they are right are something, they are sure of it! In this short–and hilarious–clip, you’ll see a little cutie pie that has her mind set straight on the number 4. Her daddy insists that it comes after 3 and before 5, but she has something else in mind…and another thing coming for her dear old dad. Check out this sassy little one in action!

Well, she sure showed him, didn’t she!? Share this cute video with other moms like you who totally can relate this daddy. Hey, at least he tried!

Modi Ramos
Modi is a wife, mother, and Editor-in-Chief of a handful of major pet publications. You can find more of her writings over at Moodswing to learn more about her adventures in marriage, parenting, being a working mother, and finding self-acceptance.