It’s always fun to involve our family and friends in the news of a new baby. We love throwing gender reveal parties and baby showers because there’s nothing like a new life! Jill and Shawn were about to add their third child to their brood and decided to invite Jill’s sister, Kelly, to witness the ultrasound where they found out the gender of their baby. But Kelly was in for an extra surprise because before she arrived at the appointment, Jill and Shawn found out they weren’t just having a 3rd baby, but a 4th baby too! Watch this hilarious video and the exact moment that Kelly realizes that Jill is having twins!

My favorite quote of this video has to be “Can I have one!?” So hilarious! It’s so awesome that Aunt Kellyย got to be a part of such an amazing surprise and you can tell she is thrilled down to her toes. Have you been a part of a gender reveal ultrasound? We’d love to hear about it!