I realize I’m in the majority when I say that I actually enjoy laundry. Look, it’s not hard, folding is therapeutic, and putting everything away actually gives me a stress-free environment. I’m always a little confused when people say they let perfectly folded laundry end up in piles around their room, then complain about how stressed they are. PUT IT AWAY! Anyways, laundry is easy but can also be a little annoying and it’s a never-ending cycle. You can never fully done with laundry, unless you are a nudist. Most moms will take all the tips they can get when it comes to making it easy and efficient. If this sounds like you, then watch these simple hacks!

I love all of these, now if I could just get my hands on those amazing LG washers and dryers! I particularly love the sock hack, because losing a toddler sock to the recesses of my dryer is beyond frustrating! Ok, have any of you tried these things? How did it go?