Sometimes being a mama can feel isolating. Social media is a great way to feel connected and share with others the daily happenings in your life. Scroll through a mama’s Facebook or Instagram account and you’ll likely see a day-to-day play by play! But with everything, there must be some healthy boundaries put into place.

The other day I was telling a story to family, as I so often do, about my four-year-old. She was right there when I was sharing and then said, “MOM!” with an embarrassedย “you need to stop telling this story” tone. It hit me that she’s starting to experience embarrassment and setting her own boundaries of what she wants me to share and what she doesn’t. It was an eye-opener for me!

It then hit me how my social media account is full of funny happenings. Though my daughter won’t have an account for many years, how would she feel about some of the things I write? Sure, some of it would probably make her laugh, but there are other things that are more personal.

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Here are a few boundaries I set for myself that I think other parents should set as well:

1. Behavioral struggles

Parenting is hard. And sometimes you just need to vent. But there are certain behavioral struggles that you should keep private. Seeking advice? Go for it! But don’t share the details of your kids’ meltdowns.

2. Child shaming

Did your kid bring home a bad grade or get in trouble at school? Keep that in the family. Your child will suffer from online shaming from his peers as soon as they all get online. He doesn’t need it from his parents too! Your child needs to feel safe to make mistakes and work things out in the family without all the opinions or judgment of others.

3. Personal information

Don’t share things like your address, the details of your vacation, or when and where you are going that day. You don’t want to put your kids at risk by making your home vulnerable to break-ins. Read this blog post for more about what information not to share.

4. Pictures of your child undressed.

I always thought this was an obvious one, but I STILL see pictures of people’s kids in bathtubs or running around naked. You’re putting yourself at risk in this case! Someone could report that photo and CPS could be at your door for questioning. It’s inappropriate and pictures like that should never be shared! You never know who has access to view posts on your account.

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