Here at Life As Mama, we’ve been talking a lot about meal prep services and freezer-friendly meals lately. That’s because we fully understand how difficult it can be to come up with, prepare, and actually make meals every night of the week when you lead a busy life.

While there are many resources out there that offer subscription box-like services to families looking to save time on their weeknight meals. Other companies, like RawSpiceBar offer a different kind of culinary experience. Much like a regular subscription service, RawSpiceBar sends out a monthly box, but instead of fresh ingredients and perfectly planned meals, they offer a range of freshly ground, perfectly curated, high-quality spices. And not the type of spices you can typically find at your local grocery store, either.

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Flavors like Schnitzel spices, horseradish and mustard seeds, and caraway, fennel, and anise bread amongst other awesome, creative spices can all be found in your monthly flavor kit. All of the included items are guaranteed to be freshly ground, 100% pure spice without the presence of any salt, sugar, or other additives.

Each monthly flavor kit contains a different set of three spices inspired by a specific region and a short but educational little pamphlet that describes the inspiration behind the spice choices. This ensures that you get a great surprise that overwhelms your senses and allows you to learn something with every single package.

As if the awesome spices weren’t enough (which they totally are!) to satisfy you, RawSpiceBar also includes a recommended recipe for every included spice. These recipes detail every necessary ingredient, cook time, and recommended serving size. Some of the recipes are snacks while others are full-blown main dishes. Whether you choose to eat vegan or are all about the meat, RawSpiceBar has something for you.




All of the recipes call for relatively easy and accessible ingredients that taste great and are simple enough to let the included spices be the shining star, ensuring that the flavors don’t get lost in the midst of the other ingredients.

Even if you decide not to use the added recipe recommendations, these spices can be put to great use with just about anything you think up. They are meant to be inspiring! Just utilize your creative culinary skills, all of those Pinterest recipes you have laying around, or maybe use them to modify some of the great recipes you already have in your repertoire.


The entire process is about as painless as it gets, all you need to do is:

1. Head on over to RawSpiceBar to learn a little more about the service

2. Tell them a little more about your flavor profile here

3. Find recipes perfectly catered to your tastes and dietary needs here

4. Then sit back and wait for your spices to arrive!




If you’re interested, don’t forget to visit RawSpiceBar to sign up for your monthly subscription. You can even use the coupon code FLAVOR6 to get $5 off when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription!



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