Capsule wardrobes are not just trendy, they are practical! For over a year, I have created seasonal capsule wardrobes for my children. Getting ready in the morning is now easier than ever and they get a “say” in what they want to wear without me worrying about a mismatched outfit. Before I create the capsule wardrobe for each season, I began by sorting through what we already have while making a list of what we still need.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

According to Collins Dictionary, a capsule wardrobe is “a collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential.”


Why should you do a capsule wardrobe?

Less stress getting the kids dressed in the morning.

More closet space.

Gives kids the freedom to choose their outfits without worrying if they will match!

Laundry is easy because the kids don’t have enough clothes to be changing 2, 3, or even 4 times a day like they would do if they had more clothing options.

Helps you stick to a budget (best reason of them all)!


1. Design a process that works for you.

The first tip for starting a capsule wardrobe is to always try to buy a size bigger than normal to give yourself the chance to use the items for more than one year. Also, never shop without seeing what you have first!

Pick tops and leggings that match each other so your children have the freedom to put their outfits together without worrying about how they will look together. My daughter is in a phase (probably for life) where she wants to pick out her clothes, so this works great for us. Each legging she has can also be worn under her dresses. She is not a fan of jeans, so I didn’t even mess with buying those this year. We wasted our money on really cute jeans last winter she would never even touch. Only buy what you know your kids will wear! 

To get the most use out of your children’s summer items during the winter, buy a neutral patterned zip-up sweatshirt. That way, your children can wear it over all their short-sleeved shirts and tanks.

Shoes are tricky because there are so many cute options, and I always want.them.all. But I really try to limit both kids to two pairs of shoes per season until the snow really hits, and then we add in boots.


2. Choose practical options.

My son could probably win the most-basic-wardrobe award (if there was one). He is rough on his clothes, so we choose practical and durable pieces. When he was first born, I spent a lot of money on the most adorable little sweaters, hats, and patterned leggings. But then, I would be devastated when his clothing would be destroyed the first time he would wear them. Now I can guarantee a longer “life” for his clothes.


3. Plan ahead.

Find stores with discounts and look for promo codes!

Take a well-thought-out list with you to the stores so you buy what you need and don’t come up short at the end of your capsule.

Look online at SEVERAL options before finalizing a purchase. You might just find a better deal!

Are you a mama looking for her own capsule wardrobe? Check out this post and be sure to print off our Capsule Wardrobe Planning Guide.


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