Can you believe Christmas is just a few weeks away? I have GOT to start my Christmas shopping soon! Speaking of, have you thought about the smaller gifts you’d like Santa to bring your family this year? Those things we refer to as “stocking stuffers?” If you’re unsure about what to get tell Santa to get the family, don’t worry. We’re here to help. From babies to teens to moms and dads, we’ve got ideas for everyone!

Here are a couple of gift ideas that will make great additions to your family’s stockings.

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For Babies

source: Melissa & Doug

1. What Should I Wear? Soft Activity Book

Excite baby with bright colors, textures and a moveable doll. This soft activity book is a fun way for baby to explore the world of the five senses. Help her move dolly from page to page as she changes her outfit with each new adventure.

This activity book is available at Melissa & Doug.

source: Land Of Nod

2. Celestial Baby Rattles

Ever tell your baby that you love him “to the moon and back?” Now he can hold the moon in his hand. And the stars! And the rain! Aren’t these modern looking rattles amazing? Get your baby ready for his future in astronomy by stuffing these celestial rattles into his stocking.

You can get these individually, or as a set from Land Of Nod.

For Toddlers

source: Saks Fifth Avenue

3. Punch-Out Woodland Animals

The toddler years are full of curiosity and learning. These are crucial years in your child’s development. Toys that encourage exploration are great for toddlers. Children at this age are fascinated by 3-dimensional toys, and most love animals. So this punch-out animal set by Petit Collage should be added to your toddler’s stocking this year.

Get this toy for your tot at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Source: Melissa & Doug

4. Giddy Buggy Flashlight

Help your child conquer his fear of the dark and bugs at the same time! Oh wait…that’s me. But seriously, this adorable flashlight will help your toddler develop independence and confidence. There’s no reason to be afraid when buggy’s around!

Get this fun flashlight from Melissa & Doug.

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