Social media today provides us access to a life of comparison and judgment and leaves us wishing our average life could take it up a notch. We believe we can have it all because so-and-so has great kids, cooks from scratch, and runs a business in addition to doing charity work. But let’s all take a moment to open our eyes and look behind the scenes…shall we?

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1. Cooking The Perfect Meal

Dinner, desserts, and deceit are all over our social media pages. What we don’t post are all the things we burnt before we finally got the salmon, asparagus, and mashed potatoes to look perfect on our plate rather than a mysterious black pile of mystery meat. You don’t see the massive amounts of desserts eaten from trial and error baking experiments.Take it from someone who can’t cook, whenever something turns out decent, you can guarantee it’s posted on my Instagram, so everyone really only sees the best of the best!


2. Happily Posed Children

There’s no way we could post behind the scene action of the pinching, squeezing, poking, crying, and drooling fiasco that occurs when we tell our kids “Mommy wants a picture!” The cute clothes are strategically put on RIGHT before the shot is taken as to avoid any spit-up, food stains, or dirt. Most of the time, the kids are running around naked, squirting toothpaste on their bellies, exploring their applesauce with their hands, or running barefoot through the mud puddles outside. Trying to get more than one child to pose at a time is even more of an adventure and only happens on special holidays. The crying, yelling, posing and reposing amounts to 1/100 pictures turning out right. The best time for this attempt is right before nap time as you will need a good hour to regroup.

3. Effortless Workout Routine

Sweaty hair sticking to our foreheads, pit stains, and mascara under-eye circles don’t exist in the social media world. Cute leggings, new running shoes, and workout result pictures are where it’s at! No one needs to know that I walked most of those laps, screamed out in pain during cross-fit, or was the least flexible one in my yoga class. All that matters was that I made the effort and looked good while doing it. 

4. Travel Adventures

Wanderlust issues? Probably doesn’t help seeing hiking trails, mountainous landscapes, and tropical palm trees all over your newsfeed. The jet lag, hours spent lost, and sketchy hotel isn’t something we ever document. We must look cultured and adventurous—not broke and tired.

5. Perfect Relationship

Flowers, jewelry, and cuddly selfies are all signs of a “healthy relationship” according to social media. But these images don’t show the whole story. What about a picture of us sitting in separate rooms because of a disagreement or the constant nagging that is necessary to get anything done around the house? We don’t put the following caption on those flower pictures: “Bought due to an argument resulting in me crying myself to sleep.” 

So, mamas, as you scroll through your homepage today, let’s see things for what they really are! Besides, real life is way more fun!


Amanda Foust
Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a stack of books packed and ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker and a light bringer. You can find more of her writing at Downs, Ups & Teacups and