If you don’t have time to wash your hair, your first option is typically dry shampoo. If that doesn’t cut it, grab a head scarf! Headscarves can cover up your messy hair to make you look a little more “put together” and are a great summer accessory with their lightweight feel and vibrant colors! Maybe you’re like me and have several headscarves but don’t know how to use them! Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are four headscarf styling options with the perfect video at the end for even more ideas!

headscarfSource: brit.co

1. The Double Side Knot

Want to bring back the 70’s look? Try the double side knot with your head scarf and let the ends hang down! This works great for short and long hair left down or an updo!

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Source: topinspired.com

2. Enhance the bangs!

This head scarf style is a great way to enhance the bangs! When I had bangs, this was my go-to updo! Place the knot right at the center/top of your head, tuck the ends underneath, and let your bangs cascade down. You’ll look and feel great!

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3. Headwrap

Not all headscarves are created equally! This one is a bit longer than usual and makes a great headwrap! Wrap the scarf around your head several times and then tie it up at the top! Since it is thick, this type of style works best with updos!

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4. Big Bow

Bows don’t have to be just for kids! Make one of your own with this adorable headscarf! The more colorful, the better!

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For more tips on tying a head scarf this summer, watch the videos below!





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