There’s a subscription box for everything these days. But when Ezer Mama creator, Bethany Hight, was looking for a box after becoming a new mom, she noticed that there wasn’t anything for mamas! So Bethany made it her mission to create a subscription box that encourages moms in their identity during a time when their whole being is dedicated to their little ones.

We wanted to interview Bethany to learn more about her business, Ezer Mama, and encourage you all to purchase a subscription box for yourself or a mom friend who needs some extra love and a reminder each month to take care of herself.

self-care subscription box

Here is what Bethany had to say:

What is the story behind the creation of Ezer Mama?

Well, it was a long time in the making. I knew ever since I was pregnant with my first son (who just turned 2), I had a place in supporting mothers, but I didn’t know exactly what that looked like until I started Ezer Mama. I realized that for myself, the best way for me to efficiently function as a wife and mom is to take care of as many decisions at a time as I can and then I won’t have to think about them again.

I automate everything I can: diapers, date night, even childcare with Grandma. As I was looking for a way to automate some self-care for myself, I was looking for a subscription that catered to Christian mothers specifically. I didn’t find anything. So, that was the end of my search and the beginning of Ezer Mama’s creation.

Why do moms need Ezer Mama?

To be honest, they don’t. Moms need very little to survive. In fact, somehow they even seem to do it without sleep. However, moms deserve so much more than they need. I try to tell my friends, “Think of a mom that you know. The one that is doing an awesome job, but would never spend $40 a month on herself. In fact, she’s so caught up in being an intentionally better wife and mom, not just good enough, that she doesn’t waste time comparing herself with other people. Now step back and look. That mom is you. Now go subscribe for yourself and get a gift box for the first mom you thought of.”

self-care subscription box
What is Ezer Mama’s mission?

Ezer Mama’s mission is to help Christian women turn self-care into a habit instead of a hope. At Ezer Mama, we believe that your world can be both functional and beautiful. We believe that beauty and grit are often found in the same places. We believe that wives and mothers are created as an ezer of God, and as such, you are called and capable of a unique mission to lead, protect, and often, rescue your family. We believe we can help you in that mission.

As women, especially American mothers, I think it’s hard to draw boundaries around self-care — mostly because I don’t think they have to be boundaries at all. It’s often viewed as an “either/or” situation, not an “and” situation. For instance, I can take care of myself OR my kids. But that’s just not always the decision. In fact, most often, it’s not. Most moms are walking around racking their brains over what would seem to be simple decisions because they’ve hit a point of decision fatigue that makes it nearly impossible to function beyond what they already know is good for their children. I personally have had my husband ask me at a gas station if I want a drink and I had to respond, “I don’t know.” Even when you compare maternity leave around the world, you see that most American mothers are taught not to take care of themselves. They are given a choice between staying home for 6 or 8 weeks (in a good situation), and that’s just bogus. No mother wrote that policy.

What are your hopes for the future of Ezer Mama?

Well, I don’t care about a lot of things when it comes to Ezer Mama. I don’t care if it becomes super lucrative or continues after I die or anything like that. I know that my legacy is in my children and I’m thrilled with that. What I do hope, is that in the future we will be able to care for more and more Mamas. My real dreams when it comes to Ezer Mama is to use it as a tool. A tool to serve moms across the nation (and maybe the world?!), to teach my children how to work hard even when you have your dream job and to make enough to replace my husband’s income so that soon he would be able to pursue his dream, too.

Tell us what mamas can expect to find in the box.

The Ezer Mama box always comes with five items. A Scripture meditation card, our monthly Food for Thought item, an Item to Last, and Item to Use and the Ezer Pick. All of them are pretty self-explanatory, but there are reasons behind the structure that help me cater to the whole person. Also, the Ezer Pick is included so that each month I can be creative without feeling like I’m breaking the rules.

Also, 10% of each subscription goes to a donated box to Mamas in Ministry. My sister is a full-time missionary in Utah. I understand that missionaries don’t really have an item line in their budgets for self-care, so we’re trying to help where we can.
How does it work?

The way it works is so easy! Just go to Ezer There are options for every style of mama. There’s a monthly subscription, but there’s also an annual subscription that saves you 10%. There is a one-time gift box you can give your friends, and there’s our new “Get a box, Give a box” option. This option gives you a box, and then we give a box to a Mama in full-time Ministry.

So, mamas, go subscribe! You deserve it!


Amanda Foust
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