As a kid, did you ever do something with your family that was so funny it had you all giggling and laughing until your cheeks and stomach hurt? It’s probably one of your favorite memories and a time that you will always look back on with good feelings and smiles. Wouldn’t it be great to create those same experiences for our children? It’s so easy now a days to sit down, watch movies with our kids and not really be engaged in their lives. Playing fun games and making great memories with them is a great way to be interactive in their lives and will be something that they will cherish forever, just as you cherish your childhood memories. Watch this video of these two playing Pie Face while laughing through it all. It will inspire you to have more laughable times with your family.

I bet you’re already planning on buying this game after seeing this video. It sure makes me want to buy it and play with our family. I can already imagine the fun times and good laughs that would come from playing this game.