It’s no secret that most kids these days are more interested in electronics than they are reading books. As great as technology is, it can really damage some of the interest our children should have in other forms of entertainment, like using their imagination. Unfortunately with the access kids have to tablets, smart phones, iPods, and TVs, the less time they spend with their nose stuck in a book. A Salt Lake City kid, named Matthew Flores, however, understands the importance of reading books not only for keeping his brain sharp, but for developing his sense of imagination. As much as he loves books, he had a hard time getting the money to access books or to get to the library to ready some books. His very giving Mail Man noticed his desire for books and wanted to do something to help. Watch what he does and the incredible reaction of people throughout the country.

It’s amazing the amount of support this mail man and child got for wanting to read books. We should do the same to support other children in reading books more instead of playing so many video games or watching so many TV shows. They are the future and we should do everything in our power to keep them smart and imaginative.