I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions, because I usually only last about one day keeping them. But I still set goals for the new year, so that I’ll have a little more motivation to make positive changes. Now that I’m a mom, I have to take my little ones into consideration when it comes to my resolutions. Or, as I like to call them, my “momsolutions.” I don’t know about you, but there are many things about being a mom that I need to work on. These are what’s on my list of “ways to live happier and healthier in 2017.” Can you relate to any of these?

1. Make It Out The Door On Time

This is a big one. Because I do not like being late. In fact, I had a professor in college who instilled a great message that I try to always follow: “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” So…what does it mean if you’re late? I hope that I won’t have to ask that question, because I’ll manage to get my family and myself out the door on time. Even if it’s just one time, I’ll take it!


2. Get My Baby Off My Boobs

My youngest just turned 18 months and she’s still breastfeeding. A little bit for food, but mostly for comfort. And I really think she’s addicted. Several times a day, she’ll come up to me, yank my shirt down, and latch on with her mouth. It’s like my breastmilk is made from heroin. My husband and I have decided to cut her off by the time she’s 2, but the way things are going, I’ll be lucky to get my boobs back by the time she’s 22!

3. Be Stylish At Least Once A Week

Trying to be a mom and a fashion blogger is really hard. Most days, I end up in stretchy pants that are 10 years old with crusty food on them, not a lick of makeup on and “messy hair that don’t care.” Even when there are occasions that I could dress up, I just don’t have the time to do it. But next year, I’ve got to make time. I can’t keep dressing in a way that contradicts my impeccable sense of style.

4. Make More Balanced Meals

Whoever these moms are that have time to make meals from scratch, serve something from every food group and have enough time in the morning to mix up a fruit smoothie, I want to know their secret! I’m a bit of a novice in the cooking department, but I try to serve a variety of foods to my family. However, exhaustion, lack of time and having no motivation often lead to frozen dinners, fast food and “whatever the heck I can find in the pantry” food. But in 2017, I hope I’ll be able to actually try some of the recipes I’ve found on Pinterest, and serve my family healthier meals.

5. Purchase New Clothes For Myself

I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for clothes. Anytime I’m in Target (which is like, every other day), it’s hard to resist buying clothes for my kids. Even if they don’t need any, I usually find something cute or fun to get them. But I force myself to walk past the women’s section, not even glancing over in that direction, because I know I’ll find a lot of clothes that I like, and I’ll feel guilty spending the money on myself. This is why I don’t have any bras that fit properly, all of my underwear are from many moons ago, and I struggle to find the right pair of shoes to wear when I go out.

6. Not Lose My Sh*t On A Daily Basis

I love my kids more than anything. But sometimes, so help me God, I want to poke out my eyeballs and rip out my hair. When they are tugging on me, and calling me and crying and whining all day long, sometimes I just lose it. If I don’t get a break, or get any downtime, I have to force myself to neglect them for awhile so I can compose myself. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to master the art of chilling out and taking a deep breath whenever they get on my last nerve. Or my first nerve. Or any of my nerves!

7. Be More Engaged With My Children

Since I’m a writer, a blogger and a social media user, there are times that I get really wrapped up in my own interests. I try very hard not to ignore my children by being on my phone all day, or making them feel neglected as I’m working on the computer, but I want them to feel special as much as possible. I don’t want them to question my love for them because I’m distracted by technology. I want to put the devices away and really focus on my children. Really cherish every moment I have with them, and not miss out on lifelong memories because I’m too busy updating my Facebook status.


Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar