Ok, I know that Veteran’s Day has already come and gone this year, but we shouldn’t celebrate the men and women that serve our country just on one day. We should honor them every single day for the sacrifices they and their families make. It’s because of their service that we are able to live in this amazing, free country.

Now, I already know you’re thinking, “Another soldier reunion video?” I understand that there are a lot of these on the internet, but it’s for good reason. They are so beautiful and heartfelt. Each and every soldier deserves to have their service be honored and recognized like this. This amazing video features a collaboration of reunion videos and will leave you in tears before it’s over.

These homecoming videos will make you appreciate the sacrifices our servicemen and women make all the more. Share if you have a veteran that you LOVE! #VeteransDay

Posted by The Daily Share on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I have to admit I was in tears within a few seconds after this video started. I can’t imagine the sacrifices that each and every single one of these families makes for us. I am forever thankful for their amazing service.