One of the most versatile prints you can wear is stripes. They can be vertical, horizontal, thick or thin. With so many different variations, it’s time we all step up our stripe style game. Moms are the perfect demographic for stripes because of the simplicity they offer. You can dress them up or dress them down, wear them solo or mix them with other prints. Get inspired to wear stripes with these fun mom-friendly outfits.

Striped Sweatersource: Lauren Kay Sims

1. Stripes Squared

Doing a double dose (try saying that five times fast) of stripes is a fun and easy way to take your outfit up a notch. The best way to mix two different striped pieces is by using ones of different thickness and staying within the same color family. If you choose to double up on your stripes, keep the rest of your outfit simple. This way, those sassy stripes will get all the attention.

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Striped Turtlenecksource: The Teacher Diva

2. Preppy Mama

For a modest, preppy mama look, a striped turtleneck worn with a few basics will do the trick. Fitted jeans will show off your womanly curves (yes, they are beautiful!) and keep your look very clean and classy. You can throw on a pair of heels to incorporate just a touch of sophistication, and tie your ensemble together with a neutral colored belt and bag.

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Striped Skirtsource: Cupcakes & Cashmere

3. Vintage Style

I’ve been around long enough to have owned a 50s style poodle skirt (remember those?), and the vintage look has made a comeback. When it comes to stripes, I love the idea of wearing a retro style striped skirt with a front-tie button down shirt. The combination of these two pieces creates a classic vintage look that will make you feel like Marilyn MOM-Roe.

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