We have moved away from living in tiny villages where we experience motherhood together, side-by-side, day in and day out. Now our villages have moved to the internet.

online besties

Kids take up so much of our time and energy, but they can’t replace a best friend — someone who understands you and the person you turn to for celebration and comfort. Maybe an online bestie can’t provide a warm meal when you’re sick or a playdate when you need to get out of the house, but they still offer so much as the relationship grows!

1. You don’t have to clean-up before conversing with an online bestie.

Is your home a disaster? That’s okay! You and your online friend can still message back and forth without lifting a finger to ensure your house is presentable. In fact, you can even vent to each other about your giant mess, and it won’t affect her in the least!


2. There’s no pressure.

When you live nearby friends, there are expectations to see each other frequently. If it’s been a couple months, you start to question the friendship. If you hosted last time, then there’s pressure for the friend to host this time around. There are so many unspoken expectations and pressures for friends who live close. Online besties take off all the pressure. You show up when you can — sometimes all hours of the day, sometimes not at all — and no one thinks any less of you!

3. Support is genuine.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to support one another in a face-to-face friendship. But I’ve had so much genuine love and support from friendships I have built through online conversations. There’s no competition or feelings of inadequacy because of superficial face-to-face human interaction. What you wear or look like is not taken into consideration in an online friendship. And all success is celebrated and inspirational!

4. Friendships go deeper.

When you strip away all the things above like the look of your home, personal appearance, and pressure of getting together on a regular basis, you make space for your friendships to go deeper. You get straight to the hearts of each other. You find yourself genuinely caring and wishing you could see each other in person, but you’re also so thankful that social media and the internet are able to link people together from across the country or even around the world. It connects hearts that would never have crossed each other’s paths otherwise.

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online besties


Amanda Foust
Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a stack of books packed and ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker and a light bringer. You can find more of her writing at Downs, Ups & Teacups and TheDailyPositive.com.