Can you imagine parenting 6 boys that are constantly running around your house? Cher and Stephen Lair of Apex, North Carolina live this reality every day with their 6 boys, ages 2-13. To their surprise they were expecting another child, but this time it was a precious little girl who was born in August 2015. Since this would be such a different experience not only for themselves, but for their 6 boys as well, they decided to film their sons talking about what it means to have a baby sister. What they have to say about their new baby sister is all together adorable, sweet, loving, and kind. They sure seem excited to finally have a little sister to play with and protect. I guarantee your heart will melt as you watch these 6 boys talk about their precious little sister, Ruby.

One thing’s for sure, they all already love that little Ruby. It’s obviousย how much they care for her even though she’s only a few weeks old. That little girl sure is going to be one protected and loved little sister!