10 Adorable & Artistic Birth Announcements

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One of my favorite things I receive in the mail box is a birth announcement from one of my dear friend’s or family’s adorable new baby. There’s nothing cuter than a sweet baby photo. With today’s creative minds and amazing photography some moms are really taking birth announcements to a whole new level. They are surprising us all with some amazing photos and unique ideas of how to reveal their adorable little babies to the world. If you’re in need of some ideas for your upcoming birth announcement, check out these 10 awesome ideas.


Source: alphabetmonkey.com.au

1. It’s All In The Details

The creative display of all the baby’s birth details is what makes this birth announcement so unique.  The little dumbbell next to the baby’s birth weight juxtaposed next to this tiny sweet little baby is so unexpected and incredibly cute.  The baby’s name displayed at the bottom with blocks instead of just written on the photo is another reason why this idea is so cute. Recreating this photo is the perfect way to easily remember all your child’s birth details while making it completely adorable.

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