13 Awesome Fort Ideas To Build With Your Kids

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Source: A Place Imagined

7. Book Fort

Happiness is indeed building a bookfort to play in. While this project may take a bit more time to assemble, it will be well worth it when you and your children have a fun little place to read!

Source: Our World of Us

8. Cave of Stars

This fort is perfect for the younger children in your family! You can quickly create a beautiful “cave of stars,” just grab a large cardboard box, an old set of holiday lights, poke some holes in the top of the box, and stick the lights through, and you’ve just created a gorgeous lit fort for your little one to snuggle in!

Source: Our Hungry House

9. Fan Fort

This fort is such a thrilling novelty! Grab a sheet, a duvet cover or a light blanket, and a simple window fan. Turn on the fan, and you’ve got an instant inflatable fort! How fun and exciting!

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