10 Brilliant Mom Hacks For Sick Kids

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salt sock

Source: Snoqualmievalley.macaronikid.com

4. Treat Ear Aches With Salt & A Sock

Ear aches are terrible for kids and makes sleep difficult since it can be more painful when they lay down. Sea Salt has long been known for its natural minerals which can have healing powers. By pouring very coarse sea salt in a plain white sock, and heating the sock up, your kids can get relief when applying to their ear. In addition to the minerals, the warmth and pressure of the salt can help shift the ear pressure, brining relief to everyone involved!

Check out Snoqualmievalley.macaronikid.com for the full tutorial on creating your own Sea Salt Sock!


Source: @Stephen Greenberg via Flickr

5. Lollipop & Medicine

Older kids can be hard to convince to down a cup of medicine. Unlike babies, you can’t pry their mouth open and tricking them can have dire consequences (the single reason I STILL can’t eat applesauce. Thanks, mom!). Make taking medicine a bit of a treat, by using a lollipop. Have your kids dip the lollipop in the cup of medicine and suck it off. They keep dipping until the medicine has been consumed and can use the lollipop as a chaser!


6. Use Banana Peels on Bug Bites

Bug bites are never welcome and always come in the most inopportune times. Aka, when you are out of anti-itch cream! In a pinch, you can rub the inside of a banana peel on those obnoxious bug bites. This old Chinese method will help inflammation, redness and of course, itching!

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