10 Creative Ways To Hang Photos Without Frames

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Source: sundiandmike.blogspot.com

4. Hanging On Strings In A Frame

If simply hanging your photos from a string on the wall seems too “unfinished” for you, try suspending the string from a frame, then clip the photos to the string. This creates more of a traditional look that might appeal more to you, but it’s still an interesting way to hang photos. Even though it uses a frame, it’s still not the typical photo in a frame.

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5. Washi Tape

My husband makes fun of me sometimes because I hang a lot of different things in our home using washi tape. I hang photos with it, printables, and I even create decals on my walls using the tape. You can create fake frames around the picture with it, or simply take a few pieces and put them at the top and the bottom. Either way, it’ll look great and only take a few seconds to hang up some of your favorite photos.

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Source: dotandbo.com

6. Clipboards

If you feel like you still need some sort of “frame” or background for your photos, try putting them on clipboards. This will make it look like your photos have a frame or background so they’re more grounded on your wall. Plus, you can easily change the photos out, so you can switch up the look often.

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