10 Fun Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

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4. Surprise Love Notes

This may be the cutest pregnancy announcement I’ve ever seen. This photographer collaborated with this excited wife to do fun way of telling her husband that she’s pregnant. During their photo shoot the photographer had them each write separate notes to each other on pieces of paper and then reveal them to each other at the same time while taking photos. His reaction to her sign is absolutely priceless! How fun is it that they will forever have his reaction in a photograph?

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Source: onelittleminuteblog.com

5. Pregnancy Pizza

If you’re into a more simple approach and your spouse loves pizza, this may be the perfect announcement for you. The next time you order pizza, write the words “I’m pregnant” on the inside of the pizza box so that when they open it they’ll be completely surprised. It’ll be the last thing they’ll ever expect to see out of a pizza box, which makes it even more fun and exciting.

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6. Surprise During Family Pictures

Plan to have family pictures taken, whether it’s just you two, or extended family. After the photographer snaps a few pictures, have them say something like, “Okay, now on the count of three say ‘Katie’s pregnant!'” This will give the photographer the opportunity to catch everyone’s reactions as their minds process the words they just heard and maybe said. It will definitely make for a fun family photo that no one will ever forget!

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