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9. Morph Your Pictures Together

For a really fun way to announce you’re pregnant to your spouse as well as see what your baby may look like, go to and “morph” a picture of your face and your husband’s face together. The website will generate a photo that combines the two of your faces to see what your child may look like. Print the picture out, then show it to your spouse and see if they can recognize who it is. Hopefully they notice that it looks like the two of you and if not you can tell them that it’s a future photo of your baby!


10. Frame And Hang Your Ultrasound

Another fun idea is to frame the ultrasound picture, then hang it somewhere in your house and wait and see how long it takes your spouse to realize what’s hanging up. You can mix it in with other pictures, or put it by it’s self on a wall so it’s a little more obvious. Really, it’s up to you, so have fun and be creative.



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