10 Things Your Playroom Can’t Go Without

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If you’re lucky enough to have space in your home for a playroom, you understand just how vital a role it plays in your daily life. It is a haven for your children to play, where you don’t have to worry about strangers or them running into the street. It’s a designated to room to corral all your children’s rogue toys and a room that you really don’t feel obligated to clean all that much. It’s also the perfect place to put your children while you cook dinner, take a phone call with some peace and quiet or take a shower. If you aren’t using your playroom to it’s fullest potential, maybe it’s time to take inventory of what you have and make some changes. We’ve gathered a simple list of playroom must haves, to make your play space the best it can be!


Source: Ikea

1. Storage

Your playroom is going to look like a junk room if you don’t have adequate storage, so be sure to start here. There are tons of options for storing toys, art supplies and books and it all depends on the size of your room and your budget. You can install simple wall shelves, use cube storage or something like this cool combination storage unit pictured above from Ikea. Baskets and fabric bins are another great option. Make it accessible to your children so THEY can put their stuff away, so it doesn’t have to fully depend on you to clean it.


Source: Toys R Us

2. Table & Chairs

Your kids probably won’t want to play on the floor all the time, and you most likely prefer they doodle with their markers and paints on a table, right? A cute table and chairs will not only provide a way to keep your carpets clean, but a great place for your kids to rest while they do puzzles, play tea party or draw. Little sets are inexpensive and will add a cute, childlike atmosphere to your playroom.


Source: Amazon

3. Art Supplies

Speaking of art, your playroom can’t go without some great art supplies. An easel is a great addition, because it provides both a surface and storage area to keep paper and paint stored. It may even encourage your children to get artistic more often! You can also create an art wall, where all their work can be proudly displayed, right next to your art station. Be sure to keep paper, crayons, paintbrushes and glue sticks always on hand!

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