10 Travel Hacks For Stress Free Packing & Traveling

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4. Stack Your Bras And Stuff Other Items Inside To Keep Their Shape

Packing bras can be a tricky situation. You don’t want them to get smashed because they’ll end up losing their shape. To avoid this, stack your bras on top of each other, then place items inside the cups like underwear or socks. Once they are filled, fold the bra cups back onto each other so that they create a little pod. This will keep the bra cups in tact and prevent it from getting smashed and ruined.

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5. Place Jewelry Between Plastic Wrap

Another great way to pack jewelry from traveling is to place them in between two pieces of plastic wrap. Lay the jewelry out on the bottom layer of plastic wrap, put another layer on top, then press down around the outside of the jewelry. This will keep it all in place so it won’t tangle.

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6. Stuff Items Inside Your Shoes

To really maximize all the space in your luggage, put things inside of your empty shoes. You’re wasting space in your suitcase if you don’t. You can stuff them with anything from socks, belts, underwear, breakable bottles and more. This will not only save space in your suitcase, but help your shoes keep their shape as well so they won’t get smashed with everything else pushing against them.

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