12 DIY Projects For $20 Or Less

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One of my very favorite things to do are DIY projects. I love that you can create something beautiful with your own hands, then use it and display it for the whole world to see. It makes it so much more meaningful than if you bought it in a store. I also love that they can be really inexpensive to make. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something that I loved in a magazine or on a website but didn’t buy because it was just way too expensive. Then, as I’m perusing Pinterest, I find a DIY tutorial for almost the exact same thing and for a fraction of the cost. It’s almost as if I can hear someone singing the “Hallelujah” chorus in my mind. Since I’ve become such a DIY enthusiast, I have found some pretty amazing ones, and I can’t wait to share these 12 with you that cost less than $20 to make. That’s right – $20 or less! Continue at your own risk, though, because I must warn you – you’re guaranteed to find one you love and you will want to make it ASAP.


Source: everythingemilyblog.com

1. Compass Banner

It’s no secret that nursery decor can be pretty expensive, probably because all of us moms are suckers when it comes to cute baby things and we want our new baby’s room to be the cutest thing ever. If you’re decorating your nursery in an outdoor or woodland theme, this compass banner would be a perfect piece of wall decor. Not only does it represent the theme of the nursery so well, but it represents setting your child on the right path of life.

Everything Emily is full of other great DIY projects like this one, as well as home decor tips, recipe ideas and more.


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2. Patterned Dot Wall

Looking for a way to decorate an accent wall that doesn’t include painting? Simply buy some contact paper and create a fun patterned wall like this one. All you have to do is cut out the shapes you want on the contact paper, then stick them on your wall in whatever pattern you like. It’s incredibly simple to do, but makes such a beautiful and bold impact on a room.

You can find other great DIY ideas for your home over at TaylorMade, a DIY, home decor, and sewing blog.


Source: theeffortlesschic.com

3. Driftwood Wall Hanger

We could all use someplace to hang our coats, sweaters, purses, and keys when we walk into our home. Instead of hanging boring hooks on the wall, make this beautiful driftwood wall hanger. It makes a much more beautiful impact on the design of your home than singular hooks would.

Check out The Effortless Chic for other DIY projects, as well as home decorating ideas, fashion inspiration, and more.

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