12 Dollar Store Hacks You Need to Try

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One of my favorite places is the dollar store! There are so many useful items there that you would not expect to see in such an inexpensive store. I go there often when I’m in need of something and a lot of times they have it! I love it because it saves me so much money. There are also so many different things you can make and do with items from the dollar store. It’s a great place to start when you’re doing crafts and not only will it most of the time achieve the same look as something more expensive, it’ll save you lots of money too! Check out these 12 dollar store hacks.


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1. Turn Vases Into Mercury Glass Vases

Mercury glass vases and decorative items have been very popular over the last few years. The shiny, reflective surface is really beautiful and gives your home a little more sophistication. However, mercury glass can be very expensive and therefore, out of many people’s budgets. Luckily, you can take some glass vases from a dollar store and some mirrored spray paint and turn these cheap vases into your very own, beautiful mercury glass vases. No one will even know how inexpensive theses were to make and you’ll have a wonderful decorative item to display.

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2. Animal Book Ends

Decorative book ends are a really nice way to finish off any shelf. Sometimes it can be hard to find ones that we love at a price we also are comfortable with. You can easily create your very own using dollar store animals, some wood blocks, and spray paint. The best part is that you can paint these any color you would like to match the decor of your home. For a more sophisticated look, paint them gold or silver and for a more fun, eclectic look paint them a fun, bold color. Either way they will look stunning on your bookshelf.

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3. Rope Basket

I’m sure you’ve seen all the woven baskets all over the internet for storage and decoration. I personally love them, but it’s really crazy how expensive they can get! You can actually create your own using a dollar store laundry basket and some rope. It’s great that you can customize this to make it any color you want and any pattern you want. You can really get creative and make the basket match any room in your home for much less than buying one at a department store or online.

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