12 Essential Tips For Camping With Young Kids

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Some of us love camping and being in the great outdoors, while others of us dread the thought of it. Whether you enjoy it or not, it seems like at some point in our lives we end up being dragged out of our house by our husbands for a weekend of camping. It can actually be a lot of fun, but if you are ill prepared, it can be the worst weekend you’ve ever had, especially if the kiddos come along. Now that the weather is warming up your family may be planning a few camping trips for the summer. To help you make your camping this year successful, we’ve rounded up some tips that will help make camping with little kids easier. Hopefully they will make your trip more enjoyable.


1. Pack Extra Clothes

Just when you think you’ve packed enough clothes for your kids, pack more, and then pack even more. Kids are messy and they get dirty in a matter of seconds. You never know what water they’ll get into, what pants they’ll poop in, what shirt they will get mud all over, etc. Depending on what happens, you may have to change your child two or three times a day. Better to be prepared with more clothes than not enough.

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Mary Mulroney

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